Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Joker Review!

THE JOKER Free Fly Coaster
All Rights Belong to Six Flags Great America
Let me just start this by saying that when I went to the park yesterday, I wasn't really expecting to ride Joker, but low and behold, it did open about halfway through the day. The problem that shut them all down must not have been nearly as big of a deal as they thought. Anyway, my family and I waited about an hour and ten minutes. I really like the whole circus tent part of the queue, but the long lines toward Roaring Rapids are awful in the sun. It would be nice to see a canopy, but that probably won't happen. When we got to the merge point, we picked green because it had a noticeably shorter wait. After boarding, I quickly realized that I much prefer B&M's vests over S&S's, but it is nice that they don't lock like X Flight. The ride itself is a ton of fun. I love the spinning as it feels very natural, unlike King Chaos. I got 2 full spins and almost got a third, but didn't get all the way around. Something I was really worried about was the length, but it feels complete, and I don't know how much more spinning people can take. Joker is a very welcome addition to the park, even if I don't rank it quite as high as other people. It is an awesome ride and I really hope to get some more laps on it Thursday.

All Rights Belong to Six Flags Great America
Park Rankings After Riding Joker

American Eagle
Raging Bull
Dark Knight
Little Dipper
Sprocket Rocket

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