Friday, May 5, 2017

Restaurant Spotlight - Whizzer Coke

One of my original plans for this site included reviewing restaurants so here we go. I am starting with the Whizzer Coke Kiosk as it was one of the only things open during the Glow Run.
Menu Items:
Popcorn Bucket - This is really good deal if you like a lot of popcorn and it is very nice that you can use your Dining Pass snack to refill the bucket. Six Flags has pretty decent popcorn and you can get it pretty much anywhere.
Bavarian Pretzel - Six Flags made major changes in their pretzels and supposedly (haven't tried it yet) much better and softer than the last few years.
ICEE - This replaced Slurpee and it appears that they have quite the selection of flavors. I am very interested in the Souvenir Bottle and would probably get one of the refills were a buck cheaper.
Fill the Thrill Bottles - I have always been a huge fan of the refillable bottles and Six Flags really does this right. Unlike Cedar Fair, they always have drink bottle holders and are allowed in line. Also, they are a great deal as three large drinks just about pay for the red cup.
This location was previously home to Whizzer Pretzel, a location that served pretty much the same things as this new Coke Kiosk, but was getting old and when they refreshed the area by adding Strutters, they added this as well.

Just a quick spotlight this week as I wait until I visit the park next on Mother's Day!

I'll ketchup with you later!

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