Saturday, May 20, 2017

Food Review - Frozen Lemonade (Lemon)

On my most recent trip to the park, I had the delicious Frozen Lemonade from Sticky Fingers in County Fair. The location is by Goliath and Fiddler's Fling. Anyway, of everything that you can get on the Dining Pass for a snack, this has to be my favorite. I have now tried both the Blue Raspberry and the Original Lemon and while I like the Blue Raspberry one better, the Lemon is still excellent. You get a giant plastic cup full of it and it is very refreshing, especially on a hot day. I cannot recommend this enough and think it may be hard to try the rest of the snacks if I keep craving this. Overall, the Frozen Lemonade is a great choice and my mouth is watering a little just thinking about it!

I'll ketchup with you later!

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