Saturday, May 13, 2017

Food Review - Asada (Steak) Tacos

Here it is! The original intention of this blog is finally here! I had the opportunity to eat Macho Nacho on its first day of operation. Out of the three taco options, I chose the Steak Tacos which is two soft shell tacos topped with cilantro and onions. It comes with tortilla chips and then comes with your choice of red or green salsa. I chose the red as I wasn't up to be disgusted by the green.

Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised by the tacos. It was very nice to see them dicing fresh onions and cilantro in the back. The steak was really tasty and seemed to be a pretty good quality. That was all wrapped in two tortillas. The chips were a nice side that you can't get anywhere else and the red salsa was really good. Te salsa was not as spicy as I would have liked it, but that is fine.

On to the negatives. The tacos themselves were pretty dry and really could have used pico de gallo like the chicken tacos come with. It would also be nice if they offered a few more things to top the tacos with like cheese or sour cream. Also, it would be nice to see the chips a little warmer. I had my meal pretty late at night, so they may be warmer earlier in the day, but they should try to keep it constant.

Overall, this was a great addition to the lineup of Great America's food choices and I look forward to trying the other options at Macho Nacho throughout the year.

I'll ketchup with you later!

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