Thursday, March 2, 2017

What We Know So Far For 2017

With the 2017 season getting closer and closer, here are some things that have already been announced to look forward to!
First up is attractions...
 - The Joker is a 4-D FreeSpin built by S&S which will be located in Yankee Harbor next to Batman: The Ride. More information can be found HERE.
 - VR will be returning. The attraction it will be going on is still unknown.
Next are some important dates...
 - April 28th is the Superhero Glow Run
 - April 29th is Opening Day
 - May 25 is The Joker's T-shirt Event
 - May 26th is The Joker's Season Passholder Preview Day
 - May 27th is The Joker's Grand Opening
 - June 16th is Coasters After Dark
 - July 4th is July 4th Fest
 - August 18th is Coasters After Dark
 - September 27th is the Coaster Challenge
General Park Upgrades...
 - The park is in initial phases of getting WiFi
 - Lots of new entertainment with 15-19 shows daily
 - General paint upgrades depending on the weather
Food Updates!
 - Macho Nacho will replace Cold Stone Creamery in the County Fair Food Court.
 - Cold Stone Creamery will move to an new location (not announced yet)
 - ICEE is replacing Slurpee
 - Beverage based events are currently being explored
 - Angelo's revamp and possible name change

As soon as more information is known, I will be sure to post it. Happy offseason!

I'll ketchup with you later!

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